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Resolution One-shot "A New Beginning"

Fandom: Loveless
Title: Resolution
Pairing: SoubixRitsuka
Rating: PG13 (fluff and angst, mentions past unpleasantness)
Timeline: **Future AU** Takes place one year after the Epilogue.
Summary: While preparing for the future, Soubi contemplates the past.
Words: 1608
AN: This is a quick one-shot I wrote because I was in the mood to revisit this story.  After all the time I spent avoiding it, go figure.

Chapter listing is here.

It was hardly the life he had imagined for them...
FMA RoyxEd Wheee!!!

Resolution, Chapter 9 "Sacrifice" and Epilogue (COMPLETE)

Title: Resolution
Pairing: SoubixRitsuka
Rating: R overall
Words: 5627
Timeline: **Future AU** Diverges from Volume 4/Episode 12. No mention of Septimal Moon or Wisdom Resurrection.  
Summary: Can Ritsuka forgive Soubi in time to save him?
AN: **This story deals with some dark themes, including (but not limited to) graphic violence, abuse, and murder. **  Enter at your own risk.  

It's been an interesting and utterly depressing ride.  For those of you who came along with me, thank you.

Dedicated to whatablow

Chapter listing here.  Complete Loveless story listing here.

Just a little while longer.  Then he could retreat to the darkness forever. 

Loveless - Soubi kisses Ritsuka's forehe

[FIC] Four Times Ritsuka Didn't Lose His Ears (and the One Time He Did) - Soubi/Ritsuka

Title: Four Times Ritsuka Didn’t Lose His Ears (and the One Time He Did)
Author: Kagome
Series: Loveless
Word Count: 1,379
Rating: R
Characters, Pairings: Soubi/Ritsuka
Summary: Soubi wants Ritsuka’s first time to be special, and he wants Ritsuka to be absolutely certain that he is ready. Ritsuka, meanwhile, believes that he just might explode due to all the sexual frustration.
Warnings: sexual content, sap.
Notes: Requested by hmittens. Prompt was “Losing your ears means everything to me.”

(Four Times Ritsuka Didn’t Lose His Ears (and the One Time He Did))
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Previous chapters can be found here.

Title: The Butterfly Mansion
Chapter: 09
Chapter title: Second Chance
Pairing: SoubixRitsuka
Rating: R for very brief description of sexual act
Story Summary: Soubi believed his heart was completely frozen, incapable of love, unwilling to love. But Fate was about to prove him wrong.
Chapter summary: As Ritsuka still couldn't get over Seimei, there's nothing Soubi could do but wait.

Second Chance )
Loveless - Soubi kisses Ritsuka's forehe

[FIC] Before and After (The Tranquility of 'Us') - Soubi/Ritsuka

Title: Before and After (The Tranquility of ‘Us’)
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Sexual content, sap.
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Soubi/Ritsuka
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Soubi places everything into two categories these days: Before Ritsuka and After Ritsuka.
Comments: This took me entirely too long to actually type up. I think I’ve had it written in a little notebook for over a year now, and I only just recently got around to typing it up and posting it. This fic is a fairly long one-shot and shamelessly filled with smutty sap… or sappy smut. Something. Takes place when Ritsuka is sixteen and Soubi is twenty-four. I hope you all enjoy it!

(Before and After (The Tranquility of ‘Us’) )
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